Pro vs Community Edition

Lono Pro is a paid version of Lono with more features. It is available with a BoltOps Pro subscription and to some BoltOps customers.

Lono Community Edition is a free version of Lono. It is available for anyone to use.

What’s the Difference Between Pro vs Community Edition?

  Pro Community
Basic cfn lifecycle commands
ERB Template Generator
DSL Generator
Reusable Blueprints
Access to BoltOps Pro blueprints

What are BoltOps Pro Blueprints?

BoltOps Pro blueprints are reusable CloudFormation templates built and managed by BoltOps. They are configurable to fit your needs. They are also documented and tested in a daily build process. Essentially, they save you time.

A list of the blueprints is available at: boltopspro-docs.


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